Anger Driven

Sitting on the floor staring at the wall,
My eyes not moving not even blinking,
Wishing I could fold my emotions into a roll,
Throw them away or send them packing,

Curled up in a posture looking like a doll,
My heart so cold it’s not even paining,
The only thing I can seem to do is loll,
I feel so tired since all I do is keep running.

Images appear reminding me of the past,
When things were so good and I lived in heaven,
Before I interpret them they move on in hast,
Keeping up the pace only hurts my abdomen,

I wish I can manage the memories accost,
Instead of sitting here looking like an alien,
The closest I get is always ”almost”,
Maybe it’s because I am very anger driven.

Copyright© 2010 Martha Mghendi

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