Just A Kiss….

Lips desert dry,eyes so lifeless,

I can’t say I am angry, maybe I am an actress,

Emotions gone wary,filled up with sickness,

Built up through the century,I think it’s time to confess,

Do I need an actuary, or maybe an abbess,

To get me out of this almonry,before I get all aggress,

Trying to show my bravery,I should just mind my business,

I became my own adversary,but I want is really just a kiss…


Copyright©2011 Martha Mghendi

About Me

One very stubborn strong headed African woman!

My childhood friends would call me shy..my high school friends would say I am too passive..my real friends would say I am too stubborn..my mother would say I am one strong and determine young lady..my dad would say I am very proud( forgetting I got that from him)..my grandmother(bless her soul) would say I am the best cook she ever met…my brothers would tell you they can’t figure me out..my sisters would say I worry too much..my aunts and uncles and all those people who raised me would say I am unique,my own person. That’s what I would like to believe too. I am my own unique person. Everything about me is unique, authentically mine..so I would like to welcome you to my world.Come share my thoughts, feelings, hopes,dreams, fears and ambitions with me. Come share this part of me that I hold so dear to me…

Copyright© 2011 Martha Mghendi