I will Drink To That

Here is to the love I have had this year! Here is to the more love awaiting me next year,
Here is to the drama I had this year,Here is to the less and less drama I will have next year,
Here is to Euros I made this yea,Here is to more Euros I will make next year,
Here is to challenges I have faced this year, Here is to the tougher challenges coming my way next year,
Here is to the decisions I had to make this year, Here is to more I have to make next year,
Here is to the job I have come to love though it can kill me :-), Here is colleagues that drive me crazy sometimes but I have come to love,
Here is to the friends I have lost, Here is to the new wonderful friends I have made and will make next year
Here is to the wonderful family I have ,Here is to them standing by my side no matter what,
Here is to my ”boys” and ”girls” for ALWAYS being there for me,
Here is to the people who have stuck with me in these so many years(with my screw ups)
Here is to my International Almere Family,Cremers Family,Sista Sistas Family,Harderwijk & Amersfoort Expat Families,
But most of all, here is to you Martha , For being true to your friends
For being true to your family, For being true to people who genuinely care about you,
For standing up for you and what you believe in,
For keeping your head up in times you wanna bury it in the sand.
For keeping on moving when going through ”hell”,¬†For believing in you more than anyone else,
But most important, here is to you for growing up, for letting in, for letting go, for giving in,
For getting totally comfortable in your own skin, your own YOU,
Here is to you for loving YOU unconditionally!Happy New Year To You All Amazing people in my life! I will drink to that!