Take a Minute..

Take a minute to think, Take a minute to feel,
Take a minute to breathe,Take a minute to smile,
Take a minute to laugh, Take a minute to close your eyes,
Take just one minute to appreciate all life has given you!

We are all so busy,Always seem to be on the run,
We are all so sad, Always looking for the bad,
We are all so gloomy, Always shutting out the life’s sun,
We are all so teary,Always focusing on the pain.

Wouldn’t it be easy, If we say ‘thank you’ more,
Wouldn’t it be easy, If we hugged each other more,
Wouldn’t it be easy, If we touched one another more,
Wouldn’t life be much better if we could just connect!

Wrapped up in the mess, Of footprints we leave behind,
Wrapped up in the headaches, Of trying to make it in life,
Wrapped up in the first lane, Of wanting to have it all,
Wrapped up in all the clutter we keep collecting as we go along!

Why don’t we just stop, And look at ourselves in the mirror,
Why don’t we just stop, And pat ourselves on the back.
Why don’t we just stop, And say ‘ You turned out well’
Why don’t we just stop and appreciate the moment we have now!

Before you know it, You lost the job that you worshipped,
Before you know it, Your kids no longer recognize you,
Before you know it, Your friends are long gone,
Before you know it life just walked right past you without flinching!

You are here now,Appreciate yourself!
You are here now, Enjoy today,
You are here now, love yourself unconditionally,
You are here now stop watching life passing you by!

So stop! Take a minute!
You have done well for yourself!
Start loving yourself!Start living!

Copyright© 2013 Martha Mghendi