Is Total Objectivity Possible?

First, some definitions: Objectivity is: “being without prejudice or bias, the presence of full understanding, honest, just and free from improper influence” 1 “judgment based on observable phenomena and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices” 2 Is it possible to be totally objective on the most important issues that affect all of us? By “us”, I mean any unit, or grouping, or society, which you and I, and maybe other […]

My Second Best Game of the 57th Nairobi Chess Club Championships – Open

(This is another post about chess, a game that I enjoy playing. If you know nothing about chess, you may find it a little technical. Just ignore it) My second best game of the NCC championships was not because I played particularly well, but because I overcame huge psychological odds to win this one. Any one who plays chess understands that psychology/mental disposition plays a big role in performance. If […]

Let’s Kill It

“Hey, this is a really great thing we have going on here.” “How so?” “Don’t you remember how terrible everything was, not so long ago?” “I do. We were quite miserable, actually.” “But now, things are looking brighter, aren’t they?” “Indeed they are.” “And it’s because this thing happened, right?” “True. So what do we do?” “I’m glad you asked! I’ve been asking myself the same question. What do you […]

What If?

What if… …innocent shed blood does indeed speak from the ground? …the blood of the children we butchered in 2007/08 is still crying out, for justice? …our peace and security can only be guaranteed after we deal with that “dark moment” honestly, comprehensively, and without sparing any sacred cows? …in the spirit of accepting and moving on, we have sacrificed our ability or willingness to do this, at the altar […]

Alienating The Centre – The Folly of Kenya’s Political Elite

Mitt Romney’s infamous 47% remark may have been in bad taste and not entirely accurate, but he had a point. In any political contest, each main candidate (or horse, in Kenyan political speak), has an army of loyalists who will support them, no matter what. In our Kenyan reality, unfortunately, such loyalties are mostly defined by tribe and tribal alliances. But even in our case, there always remains a few […]

In Defence of KDF Re The Westgate Aftermath

The Kenya Defence Forces have, understandably, come under stinging criticism from the public in the past few days, following their performance during the Westgate “siege”. If you have been following the news, you must definitely have seen the CCTV clips showing soldiers apparently looting from some of the shops at Westgate while the “rescue” was ongoing. And this is what triggered most of the outrage against KDF. Whereas a good […]

Totally Random – Totally Half-Thought – All Hail The King

All hail the kingAnointed of God to be master and lordLet’s sing his praises, let’s kiss his behindLet’s prostrate at his feet, adore his infallibilityHis wisdom is infinite, his intentions impeccableService to humanity is his only mission. Egoistic princes of darkness, bent on subversion Seek to sow seeds of doubt and disaffection against the messiahThese, the king must deal with, to asseverate his kinglinessAnd all patriotic duty-bound non-idiots must rise […]